[Trans] MISSHA Representative Seo’s Message

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The theme for this CF is George Rochegrosse’s work Le chevalier aux Fleurs (The Knight of Flowers). When the CF director show this art to me… I think that even with my status, the majority have not seen such an image before.

But there’s something to worry about too. Even with TVXQ and Kim Hye Soo, these leaders of charisma, will they be able to fully portray this in mere 15 seconds? Will it be possible to display out the feelings?

The filming was done in a very good atmosphere and the filmed videos were edited. I was watching the edited video and… was the image well portrayed? This mixed feeling. It’s only a CF and it took so much effort. It’s all because how different it is going to be from previous MISSHA’s CF.

Because it is not a normal cosmetic CF. Hopefully we are able to let others know why MISSHA did this… What changes… What MISSHA’s statement is.

And hopefully many people will like this new MISSHA’s statement… Innovation.

Source: Seo’s FB
Credit: loveissammi
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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