[Trans] 110830 Ayu Hamasaki Twitter Updates

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Please read from bottom to top.

No, I don’t. We artists all hold the same pain, so we gather together the same kindness and change it to power, and stand on stage as comrades. I do not have any regrets(^_−)−☆ RT @ymounkauro: @ayu_19980408 It was the best stage ever, everyone supporting each other. Ayu, you don’t have any regrets, do you?

Keita~I want to see you~(*^^*)RT @keitamaruyama: I received courage from your words; always, anytime, sincerely, with your faith and love, creation, you face & decide & battle in a serious manner. Thank you. RT @ayu_19980408

Yes, there were places where I omitted. The reason of my distrust was because I was suddenly forced to change the set list, and also, the fact that the existence of the seniors (whom I highly think of) and my darling juniors were not respected.

Lastly. Masa (T/N: CEO Matsuura) was always by my side, and continued to protect / guard me, under any conditions, battling / struggling with his position as the CEO.

To tell the truth, I suffered whether or not I should stand on stage until the last minute. However, there were of course the audience who was waiting for me, and I remembered the faces of my fellows, staffs, and TA (fan club) members whom we struggled together with, thus, I decided to stand on stage.

Concerning the story of a-nation (which is the center of gossips), the truth is almost the same as everyone’s guesses. (T/N: reading back ayu’s tweets, it seems that someone did not like the fact that ayu sung with JUNO on stage in Osaka) However, one point is not right. I myself made a protest to the company (T/N: avex), and I myself refused to accept to be the last to perform in Tokyo’s two days. It was because I became to distrust a-nation itself.

I thought that I would only talk to my TA (T/N: Team ayu, ayu’s fan club members) in my blog, but it seemed that I am confusing Tohoshinki fans, too, so I would like to tweet. I will explain the truth, since everyone will be restless until I do so. However, this will be my first and last words.

Source: ayu’s twitter
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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