[Trans] 110812 Choikang Changmin Takes A Photo With Kim Hee Chul’s Game CD And Proves He’s A Kim Hee Chul Devotee

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has proved that he’s a devotee of Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul.

On the 12th, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul introduced Choikang Changmin as a ‘fervent Kim Hee Chul devotee’ on his personal Twitter account.

Kim Hee Chul said, “Shim Changmin has bright and untainted eyes that a devotee of this being should have. If you shorten what you call a true Kim Hee Chul devotee into four syllables, it’s Shindorim Yeok(Station).”

In the photo that was posted with the tweet, Choikang Changmin is seen staring into the camera with wide eyes as he holds a CD titled ‘Baby Hee game’. As the cover of the gaming CD that Choikang Changmin is holding features the steamed bun character that Kim Hee Chul likes to use, it can be predicted that either he or his fans made it.

Netizens commented, “He really is the universe’s top star. Even TVXQ are his devotees”, “The CD makes me laugh!” and “I’m left speechless by Choikang Changmin’s beauty.”

Source: [bnt news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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