[Trans] 110822 Tohoshinki: “This Nervousness Is In A Good Way”‏

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Tohoshinki’s Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) returned to the summer-filled Osaka.

Outside the waiting room before the appearance on stage, the two of them briefly did their warm-up regime and got themselves prepared calmly. If there is an acquaintance who passed by them, they would smile and greet them. In such a composed atmosphere, they surround with their Korean dancers and cheered each other up before they went to the backstage.

Prior to their own appearance on stage, their spirits were lifted while looking at their seniors TRF’s performance. Before their actual performance began, they shook hands tightly with Sam who had just finished his performance, lightly cheering up selves and then went on with their stage’s involvement. Changmin said as he smiled, “Looking from the backstage, it’s a surprise that I’m able to see the audience though it was separated by a screen.” Yunho said, “Although I am nervous, but I might not be able to perform well if I kept suppressing my nervousness. This is a good kind of nervousness.”


It was hearsay that for Osaka’s performance, the both of them have been looking forward to the food in Osaka. “Anything in Osaka is delicious and that is a charm of Osaka,” Yunho said. He loves Okonomiyaki and Udon, and surprisingly, curry. After the ending of the performance on the first day, both of them were discussing, “Really want to find some place to eat some delicious food.”

Credit: smokycross
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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