[Trans] 110822 Reborn Tohoshinki, “We Are Back!” …The Legend Starts‏

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Tohoshinki’s Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) returned to the summer-filled Osaka. “a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life Charge Go! Weider in Jelly” was held in Osaka for the final day on the 21st at Nagai Stadium. (T/N: final day in Osaka i.e. There’s still Tokyo’s stage in the upcoming week.) Tohoshinki who became two membered, appeared for the first time (in Osaka) and enjoyingly performed, including their five of their previous best selling songs. After their performance, they had an interview with Daily Sports and spread their message of “We are back!!” to the fans who waited for them.

After being away for two years, they appeared on the first day of a-nation Osaka as “Reborn Tohoshinki”. When Yunho and Changmin’s silhouettes slowly appeared in the dark, the 50000 crowd welcomed them with thundering claps and cheers.

Before their appearance on stage, they were unable to hide their anxiety. “Because it’s been two years, I am not sure if everyone in Osaka still remembers Tohoshinki……” Yunho said this. Changmin added, “I can’t helped thinking, ‘Has Osaka’s stage been that huge?’ Before our appearance, I watched TRF seniors from the backstage and felt that the seats were all filled up.” Upon the minute they stepped on stage, what came to them were cheering fans who were holding on to Tohoshinki’s supporting goods. When they shouted to the audience, “I really like you all!! (in Kansai dialect)” (Yunho), “Osaka, it’s been a while!! I’m so happy that we met!!” (Changmin), the already excited fans became even more passionate. Changmin thought back gratefully, “To receive fans’ never-changing passionate support, I’m really happy.”


They not only performed their new song, ‘Superstar’ and the single that they released this January as a restart, they also performed their previous best selling songs ‘Somebody To Love’ etc. Besides the outstanding dance choreography, they also displayed their vocal ability. Although Yunho jokingly said, “It is still a bit exhausting to perform as a duo.”, he eventually revealed his satisfied smile.

It seems that the time that they’ve lost resulted in them growing up unexpectedly. With regards to Changmin’s previous ‘Maknae’ character in the group and his tendency to endure anything, Yunho expressed happily, “A lot happened in these two years and Changmin matured a lot. Recently he even led me and the staffs.” “No such things,” Changmin smiled and said, “I just want to do my best after I decides on it.”, showing his self-confidence.

Due to their success in completing the a-nation’s stage, they gained confidence towards their own music. “Right now I truly feel that we are able to go down the road with our own music. Be it music or other things, I think we understand each other very well,” Yunho said it emphasizingly. “Although I’m not 100% satisfied, it is very blissful that the two of us are able to sing great songs,” Changmin said it bashfully and smiled.

The duo presented a perfect stage for their restart. “On the contrary, I received strength from everyone. I want to use music to say it out to those who waited for us, ‘We are back!!’ And please continue to support the reborn Tohoshinki.” (Yunho). “To those who unchangingly protected us through those empty days of no activities, I am really thankful. We are actually able to stand on this stage again…… In order to return everyone’s support, I will work harder even more.” (Changmin) These are the messages brought to the fans by the duo.

The reborn Tohoshinki will be releasing their new album on the 28th of September. Their new legend has just begun.

Credit: smokycross
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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