[News] Kim Hyesu and TVXQ had a secret meeting. Why?

Highest top star Kim Hyesu and TVXQ recently had a very secretive meeting that attracted a lot of attention. When they met, nothing was revealed about their meeting, and coupled with the fact that they met for approximately 12 hours, it became an even bigger issue.

This time, they met up, not for any other reason, but it was a CF shooting for Missha. It was their first time meeting, and yet they did not withhold any praise from each other, creating a senior-junior camaraderie that lasted throughout the shoot. 

During the shoot, their unwavering professionalism was seen, as they cleanly finished shooting their individual parts, with nary a trace of fatigue, even with Kim Hyesu’s numerous acting commitments and TVXQ’s never-ending schedule of overseas activities.

The manner in which they adjusted their personalities to fit the various charismas of the others, resultng in a seamless scenes led to the staff applauding at the end of it.

The charismatic representatives Kim Hyesu and TVXQ have ignited a flurry of questions from curious consumers and fans on Missha’s website, beautynet.  Although the details of the CF have yet to be disclosed to the public,the three top stars could very well be crowned the faces of CFs for the second half of this year. Also, the commercial is slated to air sometime in September.

Missha’s move to capture the nation’s cosmetics market by employing some of the biggest names in Korea as their models have resulted in greater competition, creating a new image for themselves, as well as cementing their place as a strong brand.

Check out the promotional ad. in Seoul taken by our LoCo

Source: Naver, NeverEnd
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_empired @ ContinueTVQ.com

Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_empired @ ContinueTVQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

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