[Pics+Trans] TVXQ Supporting Super Junior’s Comeback!

Facebook says: “TVXQ! cheering for Super Junior @ KBS Music Bank! Can you find U-Know and MAX? [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]”

Facebook says: “U-Know and Siwon. All the likers, have a good weekend~ 🙂 [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]”

And also Super Junior’s Heechul, Donghae and Yesung posted pictures with TVXQ! Check them out!

Heechul says: “이몸의 신도답게 해맑은 눈동자를 갖고있는 심창민. 역시 진정한 김희철신도를 네글자로 줄인게 바로 신도림역/ This is Shim Changmin with his bright eyes of a religious follower. He is also a Kim Heechul’s religious follower that if we were to abbreviate it to four words, it will be Shindorim Station.”

Heechul says: “10년이 된 희로뽕, 유로뽕, 도로뽕. 왜 날 희로뽕으로 붙여서 방송에서 에피소드도 못꺼내게 만들었니 윤호야ㅠ^ㅠ/ The Hee Kid, Yu Kid, Do Kid who spent 10 years together. Why did you call me Hee Kid and didn’t call me like during the broadcast episode Yunho ya?ㅠ^ㅠ”

Donghae says: “Music bank 와준 윤호형 창민이 ㅎ 벌써 10년이 넘엇네 ㅎ 고마워!!/ Yunho hyung and Changminnie came to Music Bank. he It’s already been 10 years. he Thank you!!”

Yesung says: “오늘은 .. 우리멋쟁이동생들 동방신기가 응원하러와줬어요^^ SM패밀리들은 의리하난최고!!!/ Today… our two dongsaengs from DBSK came here to support us ^^SM Family Loyalty is the best!!!”

Aren’t Super Junior members too cute saying good stuff about our boys? I really want to thank Super Junior for the care of Yunho and Changmin and TVXQ for caring about their hyungs too. ^^

Credits: Official SM TOWN’s Facebook Webpage + [@Heedictator + @donghae861015 + @shfly3424] @twitter
Trans + Shared by: HoMinStyle

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