[Trans] 110804 Jung Sung Geun, “If This Keeps Up, Japan Will Start Arguing That KARA And TVXQ Are Japanese Idols”

SBS anchorman Jung Sung Geun’s words of hidden meanings against Japan have become a hot topic.

For his closing comments on SBS’ ‘Nightline’ on the 1st, Jung Sung Geun stated, “Japan is fanatical about the Hallyu Wave. If this keeps up, they will start arguing that KARA and TVXQ are Japanese idols. Like how ‘kimchi’ is written as ‘kimuchi’ on their labels, bibimbap could soon become a food of Japanese origin,” and “Whether this is a revival of imperialism or an ambition to expand their land, even this is extravagance by Japan. It’s no different from immature children throwing a fit, and what we must do is use historical and realistic reasoning and documents to laugh Japan’s actions off with the global community.”

Anchorman Jung Sung Geun’s closing remarks were more meaningful as that same day, three Japanese officials from the Liberal Democratic Party who demanded that Dokdo belongs to Japan returned to their nation after refusing to leave the airport for nine hours when they were denied access into Korea by the government.

After hearing of Jung Sung Geun’s comments, netizens said, “He’s so cool”, “SBS News is okay after all”, and “I agree.”

Source: [my daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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