[Trans] 110803 Hypothetical Poster For ‘Cosmetic Model’ U-Know Yunho Appears… ‘Shows Off’ His Fair Skin

With TVXQ chosen to be cosmetic brand Missha’s new models, fans have already begun making hypothetical posters for the group, garnering much attention on the internet.

Recently on an online community, a picture of U-Know Yunho photoshopped on a poster for Missha appeared. In the photo, U-Know Yunho proves why he’s a model for a cosmetic brand by showing off his sharp nose and fair skin.

Especially, the words ‘Yunho, enjoying the sunshine of Paris’ matched his fair skin and showed off a poster with perfect details.

Netizens who saw the poster said, “His side profile is amazing. The poster’s so pretty”, “It’s made really well”, “Are you sure this isn’t a real poster?” and “The idea is awesome. I hope the actual poster is like this.”

Source: [enews 24]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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