[Trans] 110801 Japanese People Hum TVXQ’s Songs As They Buy LG Electronic’s Washing Machines

Factory worker Yuko Ishii(53) uses only domestic electronic products like most people in Japan. It isn’t that she believes products from Samsung Electronics or Phillips are of a lesser quality, it’s just that she doesn’t feel comfortable buying foreign products.

But Mrs Yuko recently bought a washing machine from LG Electronics. Yuko Ishii’s hesitation to buy Korean products has disappeared because she met the Korean idol group ‘TVXQ’. Humming songs by TVXQ, Yuko Ishii naturally became interested in Korean products.

She stated, “If there’s a product my favorite Hallyu star promotes, I buy it.”

Bloomberg reported on the 25th that many people from Japan, who like Yuki Ishii have fallen for the charm of K-Pop, have begun buying products from Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG.

Professor Hidetomi Danaka of Japan’s College for Housewives stated, “The Hallyu Wave is helping Korean products find a place in Japan’s markets. The Hallyu Wave has spread from middle-aged women who love Hallyu dramas to those in their 20s and teens.”

In June, Samsung Electronic’s Galaxy S2 topped the sales charts and beat Apple’s iPhone in Japan. The feat surprised the nation as the Korean phone was released in Japan on the 23rd of June.

LG Electronics released a TV in Japan last year after two years away from the nation’s market and used the Hallyu Wave in their promotional strategies, choosing last year’s most popular girl group KARA as their models.

The Korean companies who have utilized the Hallyu Wave in their promotions have succeeded greatly. Their sales have increased by 50% in the first half of this year.

Bloomberg analyzed that Korean singers like Girls’ Generation and TVXQ played a big role in the success of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics in the Japanese market.

Source: [chosun]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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