[Trans] 110721 Japanese Musical Director Hishinuma Taeko Praises TVXQ And Worries About Newer K-Pop Groups

With the upcoming press conference of ’200 Pound Beauty’ in Tokyo,Shochiku Company’s content creation director Hishinuma Taeko(54) visited Korea. She held a meeting in the CJ E&M office on the 21st and said, “The performances of Korean musical actors are of a very high quality. Production companies need to be aware of the fact that Korean musicals are of a high caliber and should be exported overseas actively.”

She said, “The perception of Korean musicals in Japan has changed greatly since the Japanese debut of ‘Goong The Musical’,” and “There were many critics who highly praised the production.” She showed surprise at the fact that small-scale musicals in Daehakro, Seoul are the rage in Korea while in Japan, license performance in large theaters take up the majority of productions.

Regarding the K-pop and Korean drama craze of the Hallyu Wave, she pointed out, “When TVXQ debuted in Japan in the past, they were thorough in their preparations which lead people to think, ‘K-Pop is of an extremely high caliber’. But these days, K-Pop groups are appearing in the Japanese market who severely lack in preparation when compared to TVXQ.” She also said, “Usually, plans for musicals are completed two or three years before the actual performance, but in Korea, there are many musicals in which the cast has not been finalized though the performances will begin in the later half of the year.”

Source: [kuki news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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