[Info] 110801 Tohoshinki ‘Superstar’ & Jedward ‘Everyday Superstar’

English version of Tohoshinki’s ‘Superstar’?

Single tracklist revealed on 24 June 2011
Single released on 20 July 2011

Album tracklist revealed on 23 June 2011
Album released on 5 August 2011
Song uploaded on YouTube around end of July

The group Jedward is an Irish pop duo (identical twins) that debuted in 2010.
They recently tweeted about this on their official twitter account.

This could just be the same case as Mirotic where the company buy the song from the same producer/composer and released them around the same time rather than TVXQ doing a cover of Jedward song.

Anyway more love & exposure for our TVXQ/HoMin ^^

Jedward’s fans have been nice & thanks to Jedward’s tweets, many of them had look up info and songs by TVXQ. I haven’t seen any real bashing from them so I hope it’s the same for our side XD

Credits: Wiki + planetjedward + TheEffectGirl + SlimshadyVN
Source: DBSKnights
Shared by: iUKnowCassie + hominstyle

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