TVXQ’s Yunho withdraws from ‘Kiss and Cry’

TVXQ’s Yunho withdraws from ‘Kiss and Cry’

TVXQ’s Yunho withdrew from Kiss and Cry.

On the 3rd, SBS’s show, Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry‘s official said,
“Yunho and his partner Caludia, figure skater, withdrew from the program due to Claudia’s training schedule.”

The official explained, “Claudia is a backup national athlete in figure skate
so she has been attending the program after the morning drill. But now she have
to train in the afternoon so she couldn’t continue appearing in the program.”

He added, “Yunho is a responsible person so he felt sorry for his withdrawal.
He was keep saying ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ to the officials at the meeting after
his last shooting on the 2nd.”

Meanwhile, Yunho and Claudia performed wonderful skating on Kiss and
for 4 times. Their 5th and last stage will air on the 7th.

Source: Seoul NTN from Nate

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One response to “TVXQ’s Yunho withdraws from ‘Kiss and Cry’

  1. It’s so sad…but it’s ok at the same time
    Claudia really need to concetrate to her competition, while our Yunho can have a lot of rest before Tohoshinki’s Japan Tour

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