[Trans] 110716 HITT Say, “TVXQ’s Imitators? We’ll Show Our Own Color”

There is a male idol group that has been in the spotlight even before their debut because of the fact that Sony Music, a global music company, participated in their making. They take on ballads, dance songs, hip hop and even a capella.They seem to be similar to the nation’s best idol group that debuted in 2003, TVXQ, in some ways. TVXQ began as an a capella group and later started the generation of evolving idols.

Here are others who dream of becoming evolving idols. Male idol group HITT debuted on the 6th with the album ‘Here Is The Top’ and are currently performing their title song ‘Good night’. HITT is the acronym for ‘Here Is The Top’, which shows the determination of the members to work hard to get to the top.

With leader Hayong at the core, the group is composed of members Hyun Joon, Joon Taek, Wooram, Jae Hoon and Ho Won. Their vocal talents surpass that of other any other idol group, with five of the six members taking on the role of the vocal of the group.


◆TVXQ are their role model… They will not be remembered as imitators
HITT’s role models are TVXQ. Ho Won said, “TVXQ’s vocal talents and dance skills are outstanding,” and “They’re role models we want to emulate.” Hayong also added, “TVXQ are the direction and destination we’re headed for,” and “But we won’t be remembered as imitators of TVXQ, we’ll do things that they haven’t done before and show our own color.”Jae Hoon said, “I want us to be remembered as HITT, not the 2nd so-and-so,” and “I don’t want us to merely imitate, I want us to show our own style to the masses.”

Currently, the idol market is heavily saturated. Countless idol groups are sweating it out even at this moment, fighting for that top position. This is why HITT need to establish their own unique color.

Wooram said, “I want to hear that it would be a waste for our group to just stay in Korea.” Ho Won added, “I want us to be called evolutionary idols who have perfect dancing and vocal skills.” Last of all, Hyun Joon said, “We will become a group who don’t forget our beginning, even if we get to the top.”

Source: [TV Report]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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