[Trans] 110716 ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Says K-POP Makes Japan’s Tokyo Dome Shake

The biggest Hallyu stars of Korea were present at the K-POP Festival that was held at Tokyo Dome.

On the episode of KBS2′s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that was aired on the 16th, scenes from the K-POP Festival were shown, showing the global power of the Hallyu Wave, that was spread past Asia into the world.

Tokyo Dome, with is the biggest venue in Japan, is the dream stage of artistes all over the world and can hold 50,000 people. Singers such as IU, KARA, B2ST, 2PM, Girls’ Generation and TVXQ were present at the venue to represent Korea.

Japanese Hallyu fans have chosen choreography, songs and good looks as the charm of K-POP and the night started off with a spectacular performance by KARA.

Following them came the cute and talented IU, 2PM with their extravagant choreography, Girls’ Generation and TVXQ, who were performing at Tokyo Dome for the second time since their concert in 2009.

When the concert was over, TVXQ stated, “We’re happy we were able to participate in this concert that became another opportunity to spread K-POP.”

Source: [TV Daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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