[Trans] TVXQ Congratulate Japan, “We’re envious of Japan’s women’s World Cup victory

[TRANS] 110719 TVXQ Congratulate Japan, “We’re Envious Of Japan’s Women’s World Cup Victory

TVXQ left a congratulatory message to Japan for the nation’s victory in the Women’s World Cup.

Japan’s Sports Nippon released an article on the 19th about TVXQ’s recent Japanese performance which was held the day before at the opening of the live house ‘NICOFARRE’. TVXQ sang two songs that included their newest title song ‘SUPERSTAR’.

TVXQ’s appearance got the audience fired up and their Japanese fans were seen enjoying their performance. When TVXQ finished singing, U-Know Yunho talked about Japan’s victory at the Women’s World Cup, a hot topic amongst Japanese people.

He clapped and said, “It was a great game. Congratulations,” while Choikang Changmin added with a smile, “To be honest, I’m a little envious.” The Japanese media showed great interest in the duo’s comments as they added, “TVXQ are urging the Korean national team to do better.”

Meanwhile, the performance at the new live house garnered much attention although it was set in a small-scale venue that fit 200 people. Live House NICOFARRE is a new generation concert venue with LED monitors om the ceiling and walls. The performance was held with 200 randomly selected NicoNico premium members who attended the event for free, winning the opportunity to watch TVXQ and AKB48 perform.

Source: MyDaily
Translated & shared by: dongbangdata.net
[Our Source: DBSKnights.net]

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