Tohoshinki’s New Single ‘Superstar’ Ranks 1st in Japan’s Tsutaya Charts

Tohoshinki’s New Single ‘Superstar’ Ranks 1st in Japan’s Tsutaya Charts reports:

Tohoshinki has shown off their status as the top player.

Tohoshinki has released their new single ‘Super Star’ in Japan on the 20th. Just after the release, the single has placed 1st in music ranking for Tsutaya, the biggest chain distributer of music and books in Japan.

On the 21st, the Single continue stayed in rank No. 1 on Tsutaya.

On the 21st, Melon Chart in Korea Jpop category, Superstar Ranked No.1 and I Don’t Know Ranked No. 8.

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Their Single started receiving a lot of attention when preordering began last month. Seven Eleven Japan has released a special limited edition Single called Seven-i album accompanied by posters and ringtone for their commercial model Tohoshinki.

As a result, the majority of the fans preordered from Seven-net, and despite such circumstance has also recorded high preorder ranks in Amazon Japan and HMV as well. Especially after being on air in FujiTV’s ‘HeyHeyHey Music Champ’ episode 700 special, their sales got higher, and as of the 20th, they are ranked 3rd in Amazon Japan and Seven-net on the preorder charts and 3rd on HMV’s weekly ranking and 2nd on their preorder charts.

Since their activity with ‘Why’ back in February, five months back, Tohoshinki will on stage at AsahiTV’s ‘Music Station’ to perform ‘Super Star’.

Source:, Paik Jieun@ sport chosun
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