[Vids] Previews of Tohoshinki’s Superstar

Glad to be back! ^^ Thank you for waiting. I’ll go through this for like 3 more weeks. Weekends are for chilling a little bit, so yeah. I’m in a institution for my future education and please bear with me. I’m back tonight and I hope you still visit HoMinStyle.wordpress.com! ^^

Tohoshinki just made my life happy after all studying and pressure! I love TOHOSHINKI FOREVER!!!! ❤

mu-mo version (I Don’t Know)

Short version


By the way I really want to thank dbskalways/YunhoFan for helping me out! You’re the best!

Credit: avexnetwork @ YT
Shared by: hominstyle


One response to “[Vids] Previews of Tohoshinki’s Superstar

  1. Thank you so much my friend! I haven`t done so much really – you do the most. Studying can be so much pressure, both in itself and because of all the other things we want to make time for. But you are doing great! We will always return to HoMinStye.wordpress.com – you could be away for a year and we would still keep checking back. And just watch out, because I might just ask you to help me out someday. Just kidding. You already help me more than you know. 🙂

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