[Trans] 110708 Bigeast Mail : Music Station Appearance & Special Premiums Campaign for “Superstar” To Be Conducted

Good afternoon to everybody at Bigeast!

It has been decided that (Tohoshinki) will be participating in Music Station to be aired on 22 July! It will definitely be enjoyable!

Also, a special premiums campaign for the single to be released on 20 July, “Superstar” will be conducted! Customers who purchase two types of the eligible “Superstar” versions at one time will be eligible at random for luxury premiums as presents!!

Special Premiums
Prize A : 『Superstar Pass A』 – 15,000 units ⇒「Thank you my girl」 ChakuUta Given
Prize B : 『Superstar Pass A』 – 15,000 units ⇒「Superstar」 Standby FLASH Given
Prize C: 『Promotional Poster with Signature』 – 50 units

Application deadline : 26 July 2011 ※Actual day purchase eligible

Eligible Products
『Superstar』 (On Sale 20 July)
■ CD+DVD 【First Press Limited Edition】【Normal Edition】 AVCK-79027/B
■ CD 【First Press Limited Edition】【Normal Edition】 AVCK-79028
■ mu-mo version AVC1-79029
■ 7 & i version AVC1-79032/B

▼Please find out more details from the official webpage!

(Other information omitted)

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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