[Trans] 110707 Issue Of “An An” With Tohoshinki On Cover Sold Out

Popular Korean groups Tohoshinki and Shoujo Jidai products have been put up on sale in nationwide 7-Eleven stores starting from 7 July. Items such as onigiri and breads, an approximate total of about 50 products have been given a Korean twist, and this is the first time both groups have been used for the sale of products, aside from official goods.

Tohoshinki was also featured on the cover of the girl’s magazine “An An” which was released on 6 July, with the special feature “Can’t help loving them, Korean stars feature!!” and includes a 10 page special and interview with Tohoshinki. This magazine featured Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk(23) on cover for the issue sold on 23 March, and was a big hit, selling out at 280,000 copies. According to the publishers, this issue (of An An) has sold out faster than the former and bookstores and such, and said “Before the magazine was on sale, we already had a big response and increased orders. There is a possibility of reprint,” expressing thier happiness.

Source : [Sanspo]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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