[Trans] 110706 Bigeast Mail : New Song Released On ChakuUta & 7-Eleven Collaboration Goods Decided!

Good afternoon to everybody at Bigeast!

The ChakuUta® version of the new song “Superstar” has been released today! (6 July)

The highly anticipated new single “Superstar” (On sale 20 July) has started its ChakuUta® version distribution on mu-mo, recochoku and various sites!! Clips of the Intro, chorus and ending will be up for limited download for a week, from 6 July 00:00 to 12 July 23:59.

Also, Recochoku and mu-mo will be giving away premiums for a limited time only!

Those who purchase the ChakuUta® version of “Superstar” will get a Tohoshinki original standby image as a present.♪ There are 7 different original patterns for this!! Please check the homepage for more details!

Also, from 7 July, Tohoshinki and Shoujo Jidai’s collaboration products with 7-eleven will be launched!

Moreover, for those with receipts from eligible products in the campaign, the “Tohoshinki ・Shoujo Jidai Receipt Serial Campaign” will be conducted!

Please get more details from 7-eleven Japan’s special campaign site!

◆PC http://www.sej.co.jp/cmp/camtop1107.html
◆mobile http://m.sej.co.jp/(_Y_)/cmp/camtop1107.html?_xpxi=aa2d33wTIaLDw7ym8QRJ31…

Source : [Bigeast Official Homepage]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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