[Random] I went to Koreatown / 코리아타운에 갔어요.

Hello. 안녕하세요! How are you doing y’all? Well, this is my first post about me having a wonderful trip near and in LA in Koreatown. Ever since I got to know about Koreatown and KPOP items over there, I wanted to rush running over there and buy everything I could find.

Outside LA, my family and I arrived to a park. It caught my attention because there was a memorial location about the people from that county on the picture below about the Korean War: The Forgotten War. (Haha of course I’m not showing total face xD) LOL

Next day we went to LA in the morning. I was so excited I chose to wear a Wonder Girls t-shirt and some shorts and some high heels that remind me of Go Ara in Heading to the Ground. We looked for Koreatown because none of us knew where it was. It’s LA’s fault, because if the city wasn’t that big, we would have find it really quick. And there wasn’t a “Hey! Koreatown is this way to the right! Hello~! Welcome! Buy Korean Food and KPOP Stuff!” Hahaha It would help by the way.

We went to the main of Koreatown Main Center, but there was nothing that called my attention, just the big buildings. We went walking for half and hour and took pictures like the ones below.

There was a “노래방” (Karaoke) by where we arrived. Actually there were a lot more if you walked more. xD

Then we went to Koreantown Plaza. It’s a mall by Western Avenue. At first I didn’t believe it was that mall, because in the pictures in Google, the color in the outside looked a little different. hehe But the inside of the mall smelled really nice and I thought I was in Seoul, Korea because ALL the customers and vendors were Korean. It

We were on the second floor when we went it. We grabbed a brochure about where the stores are. I saw that Music Plaza was on the first floor so we went down the elevator always by the elevators there is a note saying, “조심 하세요”, which means “Be careful”. By the way, there were three floors: one when you enter which is 2nd floor, one below which is 1st floor and one up which is 3rd floor.

So on first floor, just as I stepped on the floor, on my left side, I noticed with orange letters “Music Plaza” (뮤직 플라자). I SHOUTED HAPPILY just as a Korean old man looked at me like a weird girl seeing something new for the first time. And as funny as it sounds, I was seeing something new for the first time… ^^”

Then I told my parents if we could go inside and they accepted. So in we go, and entered to a new different and amazing world where I thought, “I’m dreaming~!” Unluckily, I wanted to watch on their TV a TVXQ music video or something related to TVXQ, but I saw Big Bang singing at a concert, maybe in Music Bank or Music Core or Inkigayo? But still I didn’t care. I wanted to look for something about TVXQ, I didn’t know what to buy. When I didn’t see anything about them, I thought everything was sold already. I wanted to cry, but I thought I was brave enough to look for TVXQ things. I went by the cashier and saw some little pics to decorate for the keys, but I didn’t find TVXQ, only SHINee, SuJu, Big Bang, BEAST and others. My mom found posters and I helped her with them. We looked for them and we only saw Lee Minho, BEAST, Big Bang, Lee Minho again, BEAST again, FT Island, Lee Minho once again, MBLAQ, Kim Hyunjoong, and more Lee Minho and BEAST, and finally I found TVXQ. They left TVXQ as the last ones because they get sold too much. No wonder, right? Because TVXQ is the best! ^___^

I chose this poster and the second one my sister bought one for me for my birthday, late birthday. Thank you my sister! I love you! ^___^

Then I wanted to buy something else. Something big caught my eye. It was the 東方神起 왜 [Keep Your Head Down] 100 페이지 포토북 (100 pages Photobook )!!!! WOW! It was so amazing! I asked what it was in English. She didn’t get me, so I asked her in Korean, “이거는 뭐예요?” Then she answered me it was a photobook. I didn’t actually remember that TVXQ had a TVXQ photobook and less did I know that they were selling a TVXQ photobook right in LA. Then I asked for the prize and I almost fainted because it was so expensive; it was like $50. But the cashier checked the prize with the 10% off, and it was like $30. So I made it a deal and decided to buy it. It was all my money right there. xD

Afterwards, we got out of the store and asked my mom to take me pictures. A proud fan of TVXQ next to TVXQ. How funny, I thought it was offensive to place a picture of TVXQ and then of JYJ below them. I don’t want to fight into this though.

And JYJ… See? Prove of what I was talking about: TVXQ and JYJ.

Then we bought a Dome toy for my sister at “Art Box” (아트 박스). The cashier looked really young and really pretty. She was watching a drama on her TV. xD

Then we got out of Koreatown Plaza and right in front of the plaza/mall, we went to eat for the first time Korean Food. The restaurant was called  “코끼리 분식” (Elephant Snack). There was a big menu and they all sounded so rare. Out of all those foods, we chose “떡라면뽁이” (Spicy rice cake and noodles), “김밥” (Kimbap), and “소불고기” (Beef Teriyaki). The tea was not good because it was tasteless. The only thing I liked was the rice, kimbap, and the beef teriyaki. Here’s how the restaurant looked like:

So yeah, I hope you liked my trip to LA. If you go there, tell me and how your experience was on your way to KPOP world.

Thank you very much and I’m glad that I’m back with you. ^^

Proud fan showing my precious gift of myself: TVXQ FIGHTING!!!!

Credit: HoMinStyle @ WordPress.com

7 responses to “[Random] I went to Koreatown / 코리아타운에 갔어요.

  1. WAhhhh!!!!

    You’re so lucky girl!!!!! I wish I could just walk into a store and have the option to buy something of TVXQ’s right on the spot. But no, I have to risk getting my identity stolen by shopping online. I’m glad you were able to get your hands on something. Don’t want to start anything, but that stuff about TVXQ and JYJ wasn’t necessary. Let’s keep it classy, kay? TVXQ and HoMin Style fighting^^

    • I was just making a statement that they put JYJ and HOMIN together. In real life JYJ isn’t TVXQ right now. But in some ppl’s minds they still are TVXQ. But maybe they just put them together because they’re really famous and loved by lots of people. ^^

      • Obviously, this is the one point at which our opinons differ. To me, TVXQ are five, with JYJ and the current TVXQ as independent, well-functioning subgroups, and that will not change. I don`t see their fame or the fact that they are loved as reasons for JYJ being a part of people`s idea about what TVXQ is, rather, I see it as a matter of the two units sharing a common heritage that is quite unique in KPop. Until Yunho or Changmin declare that they are dismissing Jaejoong, Junsu or Yoochun altogether, or the other way around, this is my point of view.

        However, this is your site and you are definitely entitled to your own personal views. 🙂

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