[Trans] 110703 U-Know Yunho’s Stylist Is Caught Tying His Shoelaces For Him

A photo of U-Know Yunho’s stylist tying his shoelaces for him has become a hot topic.

The photo was posted in an online community thread with a title ‘Picture of Jung Yunho at Kiss&Cry-Yunho and his stylist’ and in it, U-Know Yunho is seen standing with his hands on his hips while his blonde stylist ties his shoelaces.

The person who posted the photo praised the stylist’s good sense and said, ‘Meticulous Ms. Ok. The one leg of his pants that is rolled up must also have been her idea.’

Netizens who saw the photo of the two said, “I’ll be admitting defeat if I say I’m envious”, “No wonder Yunho’s style is so great, his stylist takes care of him”,“I’m pretty sure that the stylist is a fan”, and “U-Know Yunho even makes his stylists his fans.”

U-Know Yunho is currently appearing in SBS’ ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry’, a figure skating variety show.

Source: [fn news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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