[Trans] 110630 【Idol Awards For The First Half Of 2011】 ② “We Acknowledge Your Skills!” – TVXQ

We gave the idol singers, who are used to being judged by the public, a chance to judge each other. Sports Seoul held a ‘Idol Awards For The First Half Of 2011′ with 100 idols who are currently active. Through this survey, the idols were able to reflect on the first half of the year and determine who were the best. We will look into the best hit song, the best music video, the most addictive song and the best rookie of the year that the idols chose.

◆ Of Course it’s IU, ‘Idol of Idols’ TVXQ

TVXQ were chosen as the idol group who gave the most outstanding performance. U-Know Yunho(25) and Choikang Changmin(23) began the opening act of a two-member TVXQ in December with ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’. They came out on top on K-pop charts in the first half of 2011 and showed off their undiminished popularity.

Idols singers who participated in the survey said, “They gave a performance that stayed true to their legacy,” and “They were outstanding in a variety of fields.” TVXQ were ranked first in the ‘Best Music Video of the First Half of 2011′ survey as well. Their fellow singers chose the ‘Keep Your Head Down’ music video and said, “They drew my attention with their video because it was like watching an action movie.”

◆ The Masters of Singing chosen by Idols
The ranking of idol singers and their vocal skills made by vocal trainers became a hot topic in March. Idols chose the masters of singing among themselves in the ‘Idol Awards For The First Half Of 2011′.


JYJ’s Kim Junsu(25) came in second after Hyorin. After partaking in a legal battle against his former agency, the amount of activities he does has reduced drastically, he still receives support from his fellow singers. Junior idols who voted for Kim Junsu praised his vocal talent and said, “His voice is so nice”, “He has the best vocal skills in Korea”, and “He can take on and perfect any and every genre.”


-Idols with the most outstanding performance
1. TVXQ: 21.8%
2. IU: 18%
3. Big Bang: 16%

-Idols with the most vocal talent
1. Hyorin: 47.2%
2. Kim Junsu: 38%
3. IU: 34.5%

-Coolest Music Video
1. TVXQ ‘Keep Your Head Down’: 16.3%
2. Big Bang ‘Tonight’: 12.7%
3. Sunny Hill ‘Midnight Circus’: 9%

*We thank the idols who participating in the survey: Girls’ Day, Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, Rania, Rainbow, miss A, Sunny Hill, CN BLUE, f(x), Infinite, ZE:A, Jewelry, G.Na, T-ara, 4Minute.

Source: [sports seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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