[Trans] Unreleased parts for TAXI (TVXQ’s dorm life)

How do you meet you girlfriend with your hectic schedules?

Changmin: Isn’t there a saying that “Edelweiss that blooms on cliff is especially beautiful”? It’s really difficult till that extent. It’s not an easy task. Even when in a relationship, there are restraints due to my busy schedule. I wanted to be together and hold hands with the girl, but because I unable to do it, it hurt the other party. There are girls introduced by friends and some I naturally met. I have confessed to girl before, we met in a simple encounter.

Yunho has made a heart using candles

Yunho: That’s because I had a quarrel with my girlfriend and thus I prepared this as an apology and made up with her.

TVXQ’s dorm life

Actually, Yunho does not only accidentally treat Changmin’s undergarment as his and wore it, but Changmin’s clothes as well…

Changmin: As for Yunho wearing my pants, I’ve given up on that.

Both of you has your own rooms; is there a time where you will think “Let’s sleep in the same room today”?

Yunho: We didn’t have this thought before, but there are incidents where both of us are really tired and we fall asleep together in the living room.

Photo: xsportsnews
Source: CREA-STAR August 2011, smokycross
Translated by: lynn9 @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: lynn9 @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please keep the original credit intact, thank you

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