[Trans] B=PASS, Article Featuring Tohoshinki ‘Superstar’


A single that you can truly feel the breath of the newest Tohoshinki. A single that is filled with the “Current” Tohoshinki.


As their second single this year, TOHOSHINKI will be Releasing ‘Superstar’ on July 20th. We would like to introduce this ‘a little matured’ – summer tune!!

Superstar is someone with an undeniable aura and power, who gives energy to those who see him/her. On screens, on field, on battle ring, and of course on stage, “Superstar” sheds bright light and stands firmly with unquestionable presence.  It is an undeniable fact that Tohoshinki, Yunho and Changmin, are “Superstars”.

Countless fans are waiting to hear their music. Tickets for any event that they take a part, are sold out with a blink of a second, the ticket transforms  into a Platinum Ticket.

Even a single movement in their eyes, a single site of them dance with such grace, …every step, every gesture on stage, grabs the eyes of the audience. Their beautiful voice and their spicy and edgy rap, becomes the sound of enchantment. Absorbs ones who listen, not only through the ear, but through all five senses. This rejoice, becomes the energy and drive of their fans for tomorrow. This power, is the proof that they are true ‘Superstars’.


That Tohoshinki will be releasing its new single “Superstar”. A single that is used as the tie-up song for the Seven Net commercial, which they appear. The single will be featuring ‘I Don’t Know’, which is already been digitally distributed. They are taking their step towards the summer, with this single that truly reflect the “Current” Tohoshinki, a single that can enable you to feel the breath of true Tohoshinki.


This new single starts off with the titles song “Superstar”, with its electro sound intro. The song begins with a sound, a perfect unity of R&B and Electro, a tone that feels like numerous atoms of true digital sound bursting in ears. The lyrics give the breeze of summer, expressing the passionate love story, shining like a bright star; like the superstar. The emotions that the two in love share is brought to life with the sound and the words, and by the beautiful voice of Yunho and Changmin. The main verse’s moving and upbeat tune truly resemble THE “Summertime Love”, touching the listeners in such emotional way. Yunho’s sharp rap and Changmin’s high tone are just reminding listeners of the sound of “Tohoshinki”.

As they continue to further strengthening the taste of Tohoshinki, the evolved presence is inscribed in every sound of the “Superstar”. And the track that just heats up the fans, would prepare for their busy summer. Now that it is confirmed that they will be performing at a-nation, the picture of the two performing this song with such passion can easily be imagined. When they actually perform this song on stage, they will again show the god-like glow, as superstars. The song has the energy to bring out such anticipation.

The heat that is created by their performance, it is with such impact that its even shocking, leaving a memory that can never be forgotten. Watching videosof their performance… you relive the moment. This song has the same power. Power to put you right back into that place. Maybe this is, again, another proof that they are superstars…


The coupling song of the CD is ‘I Don’t Know’, a featured song in the Sogo Group Commercial, which Yunho and Changmin dancing with the adorable silver bear. This already digitally distributed upbeat song will also be in the CD. You feel the similar, but evolved, beat that you ‘Feel’ when you listen to ‘WHY?(KYHD)’ can also be experienced with this song. This song brings out their distinctive ability to express emotions. At the same time, the beat is very pop, matches so well with their sharp dance. Another song great for live performances. Changmin’s voice dances so gracefully in high notes, while Yunho’s deep rap grabs the listeners’ hearts. It feels like, by coupling with ‘Superstar’, the CD has become sort of an invitation from Tohoshinki to their live performances. Once in your hand, you just can’t resist.


The CD will be sold in multiple versions.

‘I Don’t Know’ music video is included in the CD+DVD version. And also the behind the scene of the music video filming will be included in the Initial Sales Limited version. And for the type that is CD only, the Summer Heat Remix version of the ‘Superstar’ will be added as the bonus track. The song sounds like a completely different song. Heat, becoming even hotter and greater, the fans will be just so happy to see this kind of energy. The Initial Sales Limited version includes the deluxe photo booklet, which you can enjoy Tohoshinki in high quality photos.

And the third version is the Seven&I Limited version, CD+DVD. This version doesn’t have the instrumental versions of Superstar nor I Don’t Know. The CD is rather simple, with just two songs, but it comes with commercials and behind the scene footages. These special footages really enable you to see the real TVXQ.


Because they are superstars, we don’t get the opportunity to see their true sides off the stage. But seeing those behind the scene footages really makes you realize how the two has not changes since their debut as Tohoshinki. Down to earth. True to self. Their singing voice continued to evolve, their charm and allurement do in fact grew and became irresistible. But their love and care for their fans, their dedication and desire to put all of their heart in singing. The power of Yunho and Changmin. All of those can be felt through this CD.


Prepare yourself for the striking live performances of Tohoshinki this summer with this new single, ‘Superstar!’





Source: B=PASS August 2011 Issue
Translated by: Sunnyday @ ContinueTVQ.com
Distributed by: Sunnyday @ ContinueTVQ.com
Please keep the original credit intact, thank you.

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