[Trans] Tohoshinki Interview from Elle Girl Japan

QEUSTION for Changmin

Q1. Which country did you visit recently?
A1 I visited Waikiki, Hawaii for photo shoot. I felt refreshed in the nice weather and beautiful landscapes. One of our staff members is always saying he want to live in Hawaii in the future, so I’m interested in Hawaii too. It was attractive more than I heard from him. I had time to relax and go shopping.

Q2 . You began boxing last summer. Are you still doing it?
A2 No, I’m too busy to have time to do boxing. But I’m willing to do any exercise because sweating through exercise is a good way of getting rid of stress.

Q3. You have a lot of opportunities to work with hubaes now. What will you do as a sonbae?
A3. Some are younger than me, but most of them are close in age. So I don’t think “I should do something as a sonbae” or “I should talk to them” or something like that. I know I’m a sonbae for the hubaes, but I don’t want to be bossy. I prefer to get along with them as friends as far as they have most basic manners.


QEUSTION for Yunho

Q1. Which country did you visit recently?
A1. I went Toronto to appear as a dancer in a movie starring BoA. I met some famous dancers I know only from TV too. They dance well, have good manners and come up with fine ideas. We choreographed a dance together, frankly exchanging views. We got along just fine.

Q2. What sort of impressions did you get from Toronto?
A2. What strikes me is that people are living relaxed in that quest city. The movie crews were also relaxed. I’m almost always working on a busy place, so it was as if I had a holiday. I had a nice relaxed time.

Q3. You are always positive. Are there any moments when you think “I can’t go on any longer”?
A3. I’m a human being, so there are moments when I feel I can’t go on any longer (laugh). But a man should do his best once he has started something whatever the results. I don’t want to have any regrets. I do stick to something to the end to make it a good memory once I have started it.

Source: ELLE JAPON August 2011 Issue
Translated by: Lisalio @ ContinueTVQ.com
Distributed by: Lisalio @ ContinueTVQ.com
Please keep the original credit intact, thank you.

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